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Supermarket price tag becomes four times larger specialty services to seize the silver market

"Why? Many supermarket price tags have been replaced with large fonts clearer public Ms. Ma is a retired workers now spend more and more eyes, she liked those clear price tags, shopping convenience the mall.
Ms. Ma habits than the exception. With the development Qingdao demographic aging trend, many businesses increasingly take the middle-aged consumers: larger price tag fonts offers convenient services, to Seniors online shopping, telephone shopping, some minor changes in quietly. Even industry insiders believe that the future "silver market" will be enough to shoulder a big plate of the youth market.
Price tag font size 4 times
"A few years ago we began to gradually replace the price tag, and now 95% of the goods in the supermarket are put on a big price tag. The elderly shopping will be able to see at a glance, no need to wear reading glasses all right." Yesterday, the Hong Kong Road, a store manager Li Shengli with reporters walking in a circle. According to reports, five or six kinds of goods in the supermarket, the vast majority have been put on a new price tag.
This reporter saw the supermarket price tag originally used only two stamp size, font, color, light, young people see, the elderly only leaned in to see. And now, the new standard price tag area full four times, then one and a half business card, font several, very clear.
"Our leadership to go to Japan, Korea and other aging society early on the country visits, found a lot of changes, we are now is to be prepared in advance and ready to meet the silver market, serving the elderly." Said Li Shengli, enlarge Price The label is just a detail changes need to be adjusted in the future a lot of the mall 10 years ago, the majority of young fashion consumers, consumers accounted for more than 60 years of age into the future, must be ready. "
Special services take care of the elderly
Changes in the price tag is only one aspect. Reporter visited the Castle Jusco, Liqun, Lee off to a number of supermarkets, found many specialty services are specialized in care of the elderly. It can be said that "respect for the elderly and care for the elderly, but people in the industry, behind to follow the laws of the market.
Lee off to the supermarket, the reporter saw the main desk a special free by wheelchair service by reading glasses, the elderly into the mall shopping, if necessary, without having to spend a penny can be used for wheelchairs and reading glasses. Jusco, a concierge desk also provides free reading glasses, elderly consumers do card, registration information can be used. Shopping Centre, there are a large number of wooden chairs for consumers rest.
"We have been using a large price tag, as long as the space is right, put a price tag to achieve the maximum, so that not only the elderly see clearly, young people get." The Group Marketing Likelai Wang Hao Wu Jingli said in a shelf , the area of the larger price tag, means less placed the cargo area, which does have a balanced consideration.
Taitung ABBA assistant general manager Zhang Jian said that consumers aging trend is already apparent. The supermarkets, shopping malls, every morning fresh morning market, the majority of the shopping elderly. For elderly customers, shopping malls exclusively reserved a lot of fashion, but there is still steady demand ", such as old-fashioned leather hat, old shoes, pot. "Our mall can be said that the high cost of land, forcing us to take full advantage of space. Poor sales of goods are unable to retain, but after several adjustments, these older goods are retained, indicating the market "he said.
The reporters also learned that the now popular online shopping did not "ignore" the elderly. Jusco after the opening of the online store, specifically arranged in-store experience area, by the staff Shoubashoujiao elderly Internet orders. Taking into account some elderly people to learn computer difficulties, the mall also reserves the telephone shopping.
Future silver market potential
"The elderly accounted for Jusco supermarket Shanghui Jie, deputy general manager of population increases, it will become a social phenomenon, the whole society to pay attention to the super window of the service sector, can be said that the first to be prepared." said after the mall will be increasingly high proportion of elderly consumers, mall design, construction to operation must take into account this change. Future delivery will be more and more mobility for the elderly will have a huge market demand.
In addition, the person in charge of a mall, the malls main consumers are concentrated in four or five years old, this part of the group quickly into old age. "In the past we have to grab the youth market, the future elderly market potential and more attention. Source: Qingdao News