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Businesses vigorously promotion price tag quietly "plastic"

Businesses vigorously promotion price tag quietly "plastic"

Positive Spring in March, the size businesses spring product promotions Wars come and go, "Reward", "discount evacuation", "new listing" and other promotional advertising dazzling. Mr. Wu Zhejiang people in the well-known local shopping in a department store, a brand sports shoes counter played Spring new canvas shoes audience 20% off the promotional ads. Mr. Wu fancy a pair of price 239 yuan, canvas shoes discount price of 191 yuan, while the waiter billing, he carefully examined the shoes, surprised to find shoes manufacturers trademark logo written on national retail price maintenance 179 yuan. Why the national retail price maintenance 179 yuan shoes, hit 8-fold to sell 191 yuan, is it playing your discount? Salesperson hesitated means that this shoe is the manufacturers list price problems, so modified, are in accordance with previously sold 239 yuan. Wensheng came to the mall executives to check on the counter, supposed to be printed by the computer 179 yuan price tag of goods font watercolor brush into a 239 yuan, the stock shoes manufacturers trademark logo Retail price 179 marked portion of the $ scissors cut off, re-white sticker affixed retail price maintenance 239 words, In addition to the word of the shoe, counter price tag of several other shoes also change the small price tag even passive so much plastic surgery. "
Shopping malls director, said, This is counter privately Price modify the behavior mall provides office need to be reported if the product price errors unified modify and computer printing price tag, and this was also the mall management negligence, shopping malls will also be according to the provisions of This counter disposed of accordingly.
Business promotional activities, consumers should "three to three to see the" Beware of little signs of price-gouging.
Third, we must: First, we must shop around and compare the store price of the product; Second, it is necessary to advance understanding of product characteristics, available on-line manufacturer of goods, the national market price, user evaluation; Third, we must remain good shopping vouchers in order to the problems smooth return to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.
Three to see: a look at whether the commodity price tag corresponding to the purchase of goods; commodity price tag with the manufacturers trademark tag price, the products referred to are the same; manufacturers trademark logo altered, cut, paste marks again.Same time, consumers should promote rational shoppers to avoid mindless consumption, not publicity on impulse or credulity businesses, resulting in unnecessary waste. "China Quality News