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Analysis on the development advantages China mold industry in 2014

That the current global situation, the traditional mode of growth has come to an end. The new comparative advantage are emerging, and shows a goodprospect.

What are the advantages China mold industry

One is to upgrade the mold structure of factor of production, innovation elements is abundant, especially the education level, occupation training,popularization of die, improve the overall quality of mold industry workers;undergraduate and graduate scale, knowledge-based human resourcesadvantages begin to be felt;

Two is the mold enterprise organization and management capability has been greatly improved, die entrepreneurs gradually mature;

Three is the technology of the die and mould industry supporting ability enhanced greatly, improve the success rate of innovation;

Four is the mold of market demand, the demand level, the market gradually formed a diversified pattern. The comparative advantage of China's moldindustry has low cost general manufacturing, into double low low cost advantage in R & D and low cost manufacturing complex "".

Among them, the "intelligence intensive degree" general developing countries do, "skilled labor intensity" developed countries can not afford to do field, is a broad space for China's mold industry go play, is China mold and die industry and die enterprises into a global leader highlights. This is an important judgment analysis of the internal and external factors canmake, it in the future a longer period of time will be on die industry and die enterprises have a greater impact.

Multi-National Corporation have set up R & D centers in China, is the valuetype of cheap Chinese knowledge of human resource advantage. Dieenterprises must see the transition to innovation drive is the trend of the times, in the face of challenges and opportunities coexist situation, in whatidea, choose what kind of strategy, will decide their own future.