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Basic knowledge of plastic extrusion machine

A composition of the extruder.

It consists of extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system.

1 extrusion system

Extrusion system comprises a screw, barrel, hopper, die and mould, plasticextrusion system through plasticizing into a homogeneous melt, and in the process established under extrusion, extrusion head screw is the continuity of the.

(1) screw; is the main component of the extruder, it is directly related to thescope of application of the extruded and productivity, made of alloy steel by high strength corrosion resistance.

(2) barrel; a metal cylinder, the general use of heat resistance, high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, made of composite steel pipe alloy steel oralloy steel corrosion in the shirt. Machine barrel and screw with therealization of the extrusion, crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing,exhaust and extrusion, and to the forming system of continuous uniform delivery of rubber material,.

(3) at the bottom of the hopper is provided with a hopper; cutting device, so as to adjust and cut off the material flow, the hopper side is provided with aviewing hole and calibration of metering device.

(4) die and die; die made of alloy steel and carbon steel inner sleeve is arranged in the outer sleeve, die molding die, die is the role of the plasticmelt transition rotating parallel linear motion, uniform and stable the die sleeve, and give the plastic to the molding pressure necessary, plastic in the barrel plasticizing compaction, through the porous filter plate along a certain passage through the nose into the head neck mold, mold core die sleeve with appropriate, to form an annular gap section decreases, theplastic melt tubular continuous dense formed around the core wire coating layer, in order to ensure the machine head inner plastic flow reasonably,eliminate the accumulated plastic corner, often have shunt placement the sleeve, to eliminate the pressure fluctuation of plastic extrusion, also have the equalizing ring set. The head is also provided with a device for mouldcorrection and adjustment, convenient adjustment and correction mold core and the die sleeve concentricity.

Extruder according to the angle head stream direction and screw centerline, will head into oblique head (120 degree angle) and right angle handpiece. The machine head shell is fixed on the machine body by screw,die inside the core seat, fixed in the head into the line port with nuts,equipped with core mold core seat in the front, the core hole mould coreand mould core seat, used by the core wire; with the equalizing ring in the nose front, for equilibrium pressure; extruded molding parts, mold and die sleeve by the sleeve seat, a die sleeve by a bolt through the position of thesupport to adjust, in order to adjust the relative position of the die sleevecore, convenient regulation of coating layer thickness uniformity. The noseis arranged outside the heating device and the temperature measuring device.

The 2 transmission system

The drive system is the role of the drive screw, screw supply needed during extrusion torque and rotational speed, usually by motor, reducer andbearings etc..

3 heating and cooling device

Heating and cooling is a necessary condition for the feeding process to themachine extrusion.

(1) the plastic extruding machine is usually divided into resistance electric heating, heating and induction heating, heating installed in the fuselage, diepressure and residual extruder machine head, neck, each part. Heating device is composed of an external heating cylinder plastic, so that the temperature, in order to achieve the desired temperature process operation.

(2) cooling device is to ensure that the extruding plastic in the temperature range of technological requirements and settings. Specifically for theexcess heat generated shear friction screw rotating excluded, to avoid high temperature decomposition of plastics, scorch or difficult determination.

4, the use of plastic extrusion machine matters needing attention

1 extrusion confidential forward operation, avoid reversal.

2 avoid fasting operation must engine charging operation, it can avoid theoccurrence of stick bar (axle).

Feeding 3 extruder mouth, impurity entering the iron are forbidden to bleedhole, so as not to cause the accident, affecting production.

Electricity 4 safety, grounding wire.

5 when the machine is running for imported raw materials and export of material, leather belt, hand touch gear rotating parts.

6 the machine should inject lubricating oil before use, to avoid damage to the machine.

Basic knowledge of injection molding machine 5;

1 operating personnel must be familiar with the rules, by the securityexamination, wear protective equipment, operating the equipment side.

2 power supply switch on, should check the electric thermal control is sensitive and reliable, thermocouple temperature indicating whether correctly, problems please repair personnel exclusion, operation is strictly prohibited workers move.

3 should check the host drive gear box, traction stepless gearbox, take-upstepless gearbox lubrication is normal, the fan ventilation is good.

4 before driving to the attention of each section of the heating temperature,whether meet the process requirements of actual temperature, holding timeshould be enough, the initial heating time insulation shall not be less than 3hours.

5 may not be in the plasticization is not good, there were charred extrusion production aging conditions, to prevent accidents, found the problemimmediately try to exclude.

6 speed to from low to high, to the normal speed, it is strictly prohibited tohigh-speed car, current indicator observation instruments on the value and the temperature is normal, to prevent current is too large, causing the heater burning.

7 lift the wire disc, attention should be paid to the lifting limit positions, nottoo high or too low, a limiting switch of the appliance shall not be usedbeyond the limit.

8 to the hopper when feeding, pay attention to metal shall enter andprohibit the use of a screwdriver or a metal rod Tong Plastic indentation in the screw.

9 check the dry test machine around, should be equipped with rubberinsulated pad, or are not allowed to drive a car.

10 then check each grounding location is good, the grounding resistance shall be measured periodically, shall not be higher than 4 ohm; equipmentwhether the abnormal noise and so on, if there is a problem with fixed.

11 forbidden to touch dry test of high-voltage electrical machine by hand,electrical wiring or ground parts.

12 core water banned from driving.

13 did not stop before