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Machining process of plastic products introduction

Also called plastic molding plastics processing. Is the floorboard of synthetic resin or plastic into all kinds of plastic products of the process, is a large production departments in plastics industry. Plastics processing generally include plastic material, molding, machining, joining, modification andassembly etc.. Four months after the procedure is carried out in the plastichas been formed into products or semi-finished products after, also known as the two plastics processing.

The used plastic processing of raw materials, in addition to polymer outside,the general also added a variety of additives for plastics, such as stabilizer,plasticizer, lubricant, colorant, reinforcing agent and filler, in order to improve the function of molding process and product or to reduce the cost of products.

The key link is molding plastics processing. The various forms of plastic,such as powder, pellets, solution, dispersion and other products or blank,made the required shape. Forming method of up to thirty, it mainly depends on the type selection of plastics, thermoplastic or thermosetting; initial form and product appearance and size. Processing method of thermoplasticplastics are commonly used extrusion, injection molding, blow molding,rolling and hot forming, machining common thermosetting plastics by molding, transfer molding, but also for injection molding.

Machining is machining by use of the methods of metal and wood, plastic products manufacturing size is accurate or quantity is not much, also can be used as auxiliary processes such as extrusion molding, cutting. Because of the plastic performance with different thermal conductivity of metal and wood, plastic differential thermal expansion coefficient, low elastic modulus,when the fixture or tool pressure is too large, easy to cause deformation,cutting heat melting, and easy adhesion on cutting tools. Therefore, plasticprocessing machinery, tools used and the corresponding cutting speedmust adapt to the characteristics of plastics. Mechanical processingmethods are commonly used saw, shear, Chong, vehicles, planing, drilling,grinding, polishing, thread processing etc..

Engagement is the plastic pieces together, divided into welding and bonding. Welding is the use of welding hot air welding, hot-melt use extreme heat welding and high frequency welding, friction welding, induction welding,ultrasonic welding. Bonding method can be used by the adhesive, divided into solvent, resin solution and hot melt adhesive.

Surface modification of the purpose is to beautify the surface of plastic products, usually including mechanical modifications, namely with filing,grinding, polishing process, the removal of parts of flash, burrs, and modified size; finishing, including the use of coating surface parts, the use of a solvent to surface brightening, covered the surface of the product withpatterns such as thin film; application of color, including painting, printingand bronzing; metal plating, including vacuum coating, electroplating and chemical silver plating etc.. The hot stamping is heated, pressurized, the color layer of aluminium foil stamping on the membrane (or other patternlayer) is transferred to the parts. Many household appliances and building products, daily necessities, have a shiny metal or wood grain pattern usingthe method.

Assembly by bonding, welding and mechanical connection method, the plastic parts made of assembled products operation. For example: plastic profile, after cutting, welding, drilling and other steps are assembled intoplastic and plastic door window frame.