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Brief introduction of the adhesive and the adhesive coating technology

The adhesive and the adhesive coating technology

The adhesive and the adhesive coating is a practical and novel surface engineering technology, has become an independent interdisciplinary subject. Because of its high performance, multi species, low cost, easy operation and other characteristics, has been widely used in all walks of lifeproducts manufacturing and equipment maintenance, Beijing Aoyuksin Surface Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. development, production of theOlympic brand series of adhesive, is the actual experience of research and the Austrian company experts, professors years of long sizing the combination of modern high-tech products, in the production based on the formula design of optimization of additives and computer-aided modification,high performance of the adhesive is mainly adhesive material.

Olympic Series adhesives according to various functions for different purposes given object surface friction reducing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature, insulation,electrical conductivity and Nai Chao; can be connected and fixed, sealing and plugging treatment on the same or different materials; have a flexible,rapid, simple, reliable, efficient, economic, energy saving, environmental protection and other features, the twelve series of more than 80 varieties,at the same time, also special performance of mechanical parts for theprinting machine roller, guide rail of machine tool and other requirementsdeveloped a special repair glue roller, guide rail of machine tool and other mechanical parts, we also can according to the special working condition requirements development, development of special adhesive.