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The difference between the runner and the injection mold

The injection mold is composed of a plurality of plate with various parts,basically divided into:

1 out of the top system (thimble, top stick)

The 2 positioning device (a guide pillar, a guide sleeve)

The 3 fixing device (I-shaped plate, code model pit)

4 forming device (die, punch)

The 5 cooling system (the hole) E constant temperature system (heating pipe, heating)

6 channel system (pump nozzle, channels, channel hole)

According to the type of gating system can be divided into three kinds ofmold:

A, hot runner mold: this kind of mould structure and fine nozzle is roughly the same, the biggest difference is the runner in one or more constant temperature hot runner plate and heat pump mouth, no cold materialstripping, runner and gate directly on the product, so the channel does not need to release, this system is called no nozzle system and can save raw material, suitable for raw materials more expensive, product is required,design and processing difficulty, high cost of mold.

B, small inlet die: runner and gate in the mold parting line, general directlyon the product, so to design a set of water parting line, design is morecomplex, difficult processing, generally depending on the productrequirements and selection of fine nozzle system.

C, water mouth mould: runner and gate in the parting line, and products in the mold with demolding, the most simple design, easy processing, low cost,so more people using the gate system operation. Hot runner system, also known as hot runner system, mainly composed of hot runner set, hot runnerplate, temperature control electric box. Our common hot runner system hasa single point and multi-point hot runner hot runner in two forms. Single point of hot runner is to use a single hot runner set directly into the molten plastic into the cavity, it is suitable for plastic mould single cavity singlegate; multi-point hot runner hot runner plate is put through the molten material branch to each hot runner sleeve and then into the cavity, it is suitable for single cavity multiple point feeding or multi cavity mold.