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Plastic granulator and how to repair and maintenance

1 plastic granulator in the course of daily use, should check the diskrotation often, according to the specific provisions of plastic granulator todisk speed control in the reasonable scope, lest because the disk rotation speed is too fast and the impact of the product size. 2 because of the plastic granulator belongs to wet granulation machine, the upper part of thedisc are usually equipped with spray device, used to wet material increaseviscosity, so as to ensure that the material has good adhesion, should check the spray device regularly to the waterways, protection of spraydevice. 3 plastic granulator in the use process, with particular attention toexamination of the plastic particles machine transmission parts, namely thebig transmission gear, the rotation gear transmission is completed in theauxiliary lubricating oil under, so in the process of large gear, must regularlycheck the lubrication conditions, suitable for large gear add lubricating oil and grease, ensure good lubrication condition of gear, so that the plasticparticles machine run more smoothly, reliable. The overall structure of 4plastic granulator to support is composed of a machine frame, when the machine is running, check the anchor bolt frame is connected with the baseground, whether the firm has occurred no loose phenomenon, if foundloose bolts fastening, must be timely, otherwise the plastic particles machine in operation, can produce strong vibration and noise the accidenthappened, even. 5 should check the plastic particles mill in parts of each part of machine is lost in transit, whether the bolt loosening. 6 plasticgranulator rotary main shaft belt wheel, check the rotation when there is nocollision phenomenon. 7 plastic granulator motor wiring check the rotationdirection is correct. 8 plastic granulator and crushed material is forbidden inthe incorporation of iron objects and debris. 9 plastic granulator abnormalsound, should immediately stop. 10 plastic granulator lubrication bearingphenomenon of periodic inspection, lubricating oil injection.